1989 November Hyundai Precision America Incorporated is formed in San Diego, CA with a manufacturing facility in Tijuana, Mexico.
1991 April The company begins the mass production of ISO Steel Containers and Container Chassis.
1993 April The company launches the Aluminum Domestic Container line to supply North American railroad companies.
1994 June Production begins on the HT Original Dry Van Trailer. With this product, the company begins to move forward in the creation of an extensive product portfolio to cater to all transportation equipment needs.
1995 July The HT Refrigerated Container launches to meet intermodal market needs using technology gained from Hyundai Korea.
1996 April Hyundai Precision America, Inc. becomes the first trailer manufacturer in North America to earn the ISO:9001 Certification. This certification has been renewed each year, showing Hyundai Translead's dedication to quality processes and service.
1998 February Hyundai Precision America, Inc. begins to sell Intermodal equipment in Canada, thus expanding the company's North American presence.
1999 February United States Army Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM) awards Hyundai Precision America, Inc. a bid for 8,426 units of the Container Roll-in / Roll-out "CROP" and production begins.
January Production begins on the HT ThermoTech Refrigerated Trailer.
2000 May HT HY-CUBE Dry Van production begins.
November Production begins on the Second Generation HT Aluminum Plate Trailer which has the greatest ease of repair on the market.
November The company begins sales in Mexico.
2001 March The Company changes its name to Hyundai Translead to better reflect its position as a leader in the transportation industry.
2002 November Production begins on the HT Dolly and two U.S. design patents are awarded: Newly redesigned variable height gooseneck patent along with a new method for fabricating reinforced sliding running gear track holes.
2003 December Production begins on the HT DropFrame Trailer.
January Hyundai Translead jumps from position 12 to 5 in Van Trailer production and has held steady since.
2004 October Prototype testing capabilities expand with the additions of increased strain gauging, photo stress technology, and finite element analysis modeling.
2005 May The Next Generation Shallow Post Galvanized Steel Domestic HT Container launches.
March A $7M warehouse building and the re-engineering of sub-assembly component manufacturing areas increase production capabilities by 25%.
2006 February A $15.3M state-of-the-art expansion is completed known as the "H-Line" increasing production capabilities by another 30%.
2007 May Hyundai Translead adds the HT Composite Trailer to its product portfolio.
January Hyundai Translead invests in a new Bogie Line for trailer and Intermodal products.
2008 August Hyundai Translead launches HT Composite XT Trailer with extended scuff for added protection.
May Hyundai Translead earns EPA SmartWay Certification for all dry van trailers.
2009 April Hyundai Translead expands its military product line-up.
October Hyundai Translead celebrates its 20th anniversary.
January Hyundai Translead produces it's 100,000th van trailer.
2010 August The HT ThermoTech lt ® is introduced for the refrigerated truckload carrier segment.
March Hyundai Translead adds the HT FreightMax to its product line-up.
2011 March Hyundai Translead introduces the HT ThermoTechM®, the Maximum Cubic interior volume trailer available.
March The HT Duralite® Flatbed trailer is introduced as Hyundai Translead's break-out product for the flatbed carrier segment.
2012 March Hyundai introduces the Duralite Dropdeck platform trailer at the Mid-America Trucking Show.
March Hyundai received EPA Smartway Certification for three Advanced Trailer Skirt models offering 5% or greater fuel savings.
2014 January Beginning of Hyundai Translead Die-Cast manufacturing plant
2016 October Starting of Rosarito Plant, "I-Line", production increasing capacity by 50%.