The Duralite® flatbed trailer offers new possibilities for carriers looking for a durable flatbed. With all structural steel components hot dipped galvanized, the HT Duralite® is fully protected against the elements and road chemicals.

Using high tensile 110 ksi steel for the main beam allows for weight saving holes to be placed on the web while offering a stronger structure with reduced weight.

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Available in any length, the HT Duralite® offers value and durability for the long haul.

  • Main beam structure using 100 KSI steel

  • Corrosion free frame is fully hot-dip galvanized

  • Combination floor with aluminum and Apitong wood planks to provide better protection against the elements

  • Operator friendly cargo restraint devices


Length Exterior: 48´-0"
Width Exterior: 102"
Fifth Wheel Height Nominal: 47"
Front Deck Height Nominal: 59-3/4"
Rear Deck Height Nominal: 54-5/16"
Capacity 60,000 lbs in 10' and 55,000 lbs. in 4'
Tare Weight 9,950 lbs
Frame Fully hot-dip galvanized frame. Main beam is high tensile steel with a web thickness of 3/16" and a 3/8" (100 ksi) flange.
Front Plate Aluminum extruded, 6 1/2" high.
Rear Plate Aluminum extruded, 13" high.
Fifth Wheel Plate Nominal thickness of 1/4" (0.229"), 80 KSI minimum.
Kingpin Kingpin located at 36" from front sill.
Side Rails Aluminum extruded profile with integrated winch rail. Aluminum stake pockets, pipe spools, and rub rail.
Crossmembers Hot-dip galvanized four inch deep I beam on 16" centers. Crossmembers bolted to main beam using brackets.
Upper Coupler A.A.R. rated king pin, 3-3/8” deep.
Floor 1-1/8" Aluminum with 4 Apitong Nailer Strips.
Landing Gear Two speed, 50,000 lb. capacity; A.A.R. rated, with 10" × 10" sandshoes with aluminum bolt-on type lower bracing. Roadside crank handle.
Underride Guard D.O.T certified. Bolt-on type with perforated 4" square tube; hot-dip galvanized with recess for conspicuity tape; end cap to prevent slippage.
Wheels Pre-painted white 8.25 × 22.5 steel disc.
Suspension Hendrickson Intraax AAT23K Air Ride with 121" fixed spread.
Hub & Drums Ten stud, hub piloted with outboard mounted brake drums.
Wheels Pre-painted white 8.25 × 22.5 steel disc.
Tires General HT(G), low rolling resistance tire
Axles 22,500 lb. rating, 77-1/2" track.
Brakes 16.5" × 7" drum brakes, 'S' cam operated automatic slack adjuster.
ABS System Two sensor, one modulator valve (2S/1M) system, no diagnostics tool.
Oil Seals Stemco Platinum Performance Plus.
Lights & Wiring Color coded 12-volt sealed system with internal ground, and watertight molded connectors to accept sealed lamps
Paint No Paint on unit. Main beam, crossmembers, and rear underride guard fully hot-dip galvanized.
Decals D.O.T. approved Hyundai Translead logo conspicuity tape and FMCSA inspection sticker.
Miscellaneous White mud flaps with Hyundai logo mounted behind axles.
Warranty Limited five year warranty




Hyundai Translead offers a wide variety of options and packages to fit your operations.

The crossmembers are fully hot-dip galvanized and are bolted to the main beam with brackets. This means no welds to damage the galvanizing.

Front Plate

Front plate is made of extruded aluminum and is 6.5” high.

Main Beam

Made with high tensile steel and fully-hot dip galvanized, the beam capacity is 68,000 lbs over 10’ and 55,000 lbs over 4’. The main beam is complete with weight saving holes on the web.

Rear Plate

The rear plate is constructed using extruded aluminum and is 13” high.

Stake Pockets

Stake pockets on the side of the trailer allow for greater cargo control when needed.

Combination Floor

The combination floor is constructed using interlocking aluminum extrusions and four Apitong planks for nailing.


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